Kopi Luwak, is the worlds best and most expensive coffee. Made in Bali, it was only right for us to visit the actual farm that produced this unique product. Pretty self explanatory after you read the little description in the main image. So as stated above, the little animal which the locals called 'Luwak' eats the Arabica Coffee beans, and excrements the beans out, after its been washed, the outer layer is peeled off, then roasted. The coffee is also grounded with hand to form a powder alternative, and poured through a sieve to give the purest and evenly grounded coffee powder. 
After we were walked through the process of the Kopi Luwak, we were offered a cup of the coffee (of course we had to pay for the one cup: 50'000 Indonisian Rupiah (equivalent to 15 AED) which is extremely cheap, but of course considering the product is quite rare due to the process, it isn't greatly exported so that one cup could be very expensive anywhere else in the world. We bought 200gr of the product for 700'000 Indonisian Rupiah (equivalent to 213 AED), again a total bargain. We were also given many different other organic coffees and teas to taste before we headed to the store and make our purchases. Im not much of a coffee drinker but i am definitely a tea addict so i bought many packs of green tea, jasmine tea and ginger tea back with me! Happy times!



12/20/2016 10:58pm

Kopi Luwak is my favorite Coffee which I drink at night mostly, when I feel alone but this coffee is also grounded with hand to form a powder for its grow. I am happy to get all procedure of getting this Coffee but I thanks much for share with us this amazing instruction.

01/09/2017 1:02am

Kopi luwak is the brand of the coffee and this coffee is very famous and also people like this coffee.i also visit this brand actual farm that produced the unique brand and I suggested to the people visit this brand and taste them.


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