An adventurous day to say the least, it was amazing to discover all the culture that Bali had to offer. Starting our day with the usual breakfast at the hotel with an amazing view into the forest, we waited for our driver to arrive to begin the journey to do some sight seeing. We firstly watched a cultural act where live instruments were used to create the sound effects of the scenes along with the background music. Characters appeared in their native tradition dress and some in costume, represented a play to show how good and bad are both needed in life and you cannot have one and not the other. Something the Balinese strongly believed in. 
We later visited the silk market, where workers made and hand painted the silk fabrics. It was beautiful intricate work, and the colours were so rich and vivid, as they used traditional methods to create the stunning pieces. Next to this, was a big warehouse where they sold these hand painted pieces, from scarves, to rolls of fabrics, to clothes and purses not to mention just beautifully painted silk canvases. I must admit i did get a little carried away in the store and loved everything i saw.
Next stop was the silver factory, where rows of stations showed different steps it took to create silver jewellery, from welding, to filing, to shining, to washing and all sorts in between, it definitely seemed like a lot of hard work, especially under the heat generated by the machinery. We finished off our tour driving through rice fields, mandarin fields and where worlds best and most expensive coffee comes from (but I'm going to dedicate a whole blog post for that) onto a real live and active volcano! Beautiful view as we sat for lunch on top of a mountain to appreciate the beauty of the volcano opposite us. We were told many years back the volcano actually erupted and lava covered 3 kilometres of land, destroying many many homes amongst the forest. Thankfully the most active you see the volcano now, is a little smoke on the top from time to time. You really become one with nature in a place like this, i felt more spiritual and closer to God as i saw his creations right in front of me.



11/22/2016 1:16am

It feels somewhat different and great when we are on vacation to any other country. Bali being an island city and it has very ancient history and old monuments can be seen over there. This city is mix of modern and traditional value in it. I hope you had very good time over there exploring all the places in that island.

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