Dinner at Kitchen 45 in Embassy at the Grosvenor house was a total delight. With delicate, fresh, beautiful dishes to the friendliest staff. It was every inch the fine dining experience but with a great laugh.

Upon arrival we received a basket of bread with the finest olive and balsamic oils that the group i went with couldn't get enough of and kept complimenting the taste. We then received a complimentary dish of a stunning tuna tartare. Wanting to eat light, i ordered a salmon cappacio which i have to say, was to die for, and i have craved it ever since. My second order was Embassy's signature sushi roll which was six pieces of soft shell crabs. Yum. Highly recommended.



11/30/2016 10:55am

These pictures are looking very beautiful with nice interiors of the restaurant Kitchen 45 in Embassy. I can see the delicious food items in those pictures I hope you have enjoyed having dinner at that place. These pictures say how much you liked eating your food at that place.


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