The new part of The Walk at JBR, has opened so many new restaurants and cafes, it really is hard choosing a place to dine. The La Postreria has to be one of my favourite breakfast spots (mainly because I've only tried their breakfast so far, will let you know what i think of their lunch and dinner once i go for that too). We sat outside over looking the sea, beautiful view and as the weather is getting a little less hot in Dubai, its starting to be bearable sitting outdoors. However we did later go inside for the hot beverages to drink under some good old air conditioning, and what a delight that was. I absolutely love the interior design, so chic and glam. I totally forgot to take pictured from the inside so your just going to have to go and visit there yourself even if it is just for the interior.

There are a lot to chose from on their breakfast menu, but i suggest you skip all the single orders and head straight to the 'special breakfast' section, as they are much more your worthy. Theres four options, American Breakfast, English Breakfast, Healthy Breakfast and Arabic Breakfast. In the picture, the one on the left is American, the middle English and the last Arabic, i have also tried the Healthy breakfast which is a white omelette, with seasonal fruits or granules and yogurt with seasonal fruits, delicious but not as filling as the rest. I do have to let you know that with the special breakfasts, you also receive a fresh juice of your choice, a tea or coffee and a basket of small cakes/croissants/bread with butter and delicious homemade jams (or so it tastes). If this weekend your looking for a nice relaxing place to have a filling breakfast, head over to La Postreria, you won't be disappointed.



06/10/2015 5:15am

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03/14/2017 9:49pm

This is a really elegant looking place. I have been there before. The people are very nice. I think it took them years to perfect what they do. I would love to be back anytime. The view has not changed in years. It is still breathtaking even from three years ago. I am glad you posted these pictures.


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10/30/2016 9:53am

This is really amazing and beautiful place.I think the designs and the interior of this restaurant is really very attractive and very sophisticated .I think all people will love to see enjoy their time here.

04/03/2017 6:31am

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