Being part of the Sephora Card Progamme, not only do you collect points for all your purchases and get gifts after you spend a significant amount, but you also get invited to their events. This one was called 'Girls Party' for which there were stations set up by the different sponsors of the event to promote their products through live demonstrations. 

The Sephora stands were rows of seats at vanity mirrors where you could apply the makeup available, of course as i would not attend any event without a full face it didnt appeal to me as much. However as read previously in the memo regarding the nail bars, i made sure to remove my old nail polish to have a new mani done at the Formula X stand. So many colours to chose from and with queues that literally went on for about an hour, i was determined to try out a new colour. I have purchased Formula X nail polishes before but only in the glitter form. Therefore, i was keen to try a normal polish to test its longevity. And whilst i was in the queue, i heard a lot of positive feedback from the girls who had tried the brand before. However after my pretty application, unfortunately the polish didnt last as long as i had heard, but I'm blaming it on the fast application of the ladies who were at the station due to their high demand. Luckily, i did receive my very own shade, 'BrainChild' in my goody bag, and cannot wait to apply myself and see the real results. Along with the polish, the goody bag included a Lancome Makeup bag, Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid for face and eyes and their Hypnose Star mascara in Noir Midnight. No girl will ever have enough makeup or makeup bags for that matter!



11/29/2016 1:40pm

Sephora is my favorite beauty brand and i have purchased very coolest colors of Sephora nail polishes. This is a very famous cosmetic brand and most of the love using its makeup products. I love the latest hottest color collection of Sephora.


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