No matter how much we evolve with technology, I'm always going to be a note book girl. I like to write lists; from shopping lists, to, to do lists, to jotting down appointments and meetings. Before you tell me about the many apps that i can use and even the available 'notebook' available on my phone, its just not the same. Okay so i only recently and finally converted into an iPhone user and made the shift from Blackberry. I know i was probably the last person on earth who did that but i honestly was used to my little BB having had one since they ever first came out. Anyway the point I'm trying to make (through my babbling) is that i like to write things down so when i get them done i cross it out, it feels more real, the words are still there with a cross through it. But on my blackberry i pretty much just used to delete what was on the list, so felt like i hadn't done much through the day. Im sure its all psychological but thats my very long explanation of why i still use notebooks. And this particular bright yellow one with gold rimmed pages from Smythson is just irresistibly cute. I chose one with the words 'follow your dreams' across the front to lift me up with positivity every time i used it. I purchased mine from Boutique 1 in their JBR branch. Theres many different colours and words, all so tempting, like candy in a candy shop!



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04/17/2017 12:35am

It is really nice to know someone who has the same hobbies as mine. Well, you see, I consider myself as a notebook girl too. I am a woman of lists because this is where I feel organized. It is really nice to see list that you are about to do in a week and then being able to finish them one by one. The feeling is just so satisfying and overwhelming every time you are able to cross some activities out after you finished doing them.


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