Celebrating 25 years of BCBG Max Azria, Living the 'Bon Chic Life', was held at Cuadro Gallery in the DIFC. With the most stunning and graceful woman in the room being Lubov Azria of course, it was truly an honour to be in the presence of the creative mind behind this amazing brand.

The gallery was transformed into something of a BCBG shrine. From being greeted with a stunning masterpiece of a dress with the most gorgeous skirt, of layers upon layers of ruffled fabric so intricate and so delicate, a rail of selected pieces of the latest collection in beautiful pastel shades, flowy fabrics and floral prints. As you walked in through the main entrance the life line and evolution of the brand itself was presented on the wall, and a beautiful atelier corner, inclusive of fabrics, toiles on mannequins, sketches, and even a sewing machine. The sight was too familiar, with the many hours i spent during university surrounded with the exact same equipment, it was a beautiful reminder of why i appreciate fashion and beautiful creations just that little bit more.

Into the next room; walls were covered with editorials from as early as the 1990s to the current date, and in the middle of the room were mannequins wearing runway pieces of different seasons. Stunning fabrics, cuts and textures. 

The last room was focused on Max Azria's Atelier. Where a history of A-List celebrities were pictured wearing the stunning gowns for various red carper events, and the most exciting part of the exhibit was the actual gowns which were worn by the likes of Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Giuliana Rancic just to name a few, were displayed on the mannequins behind red ropes. These gowns were just as breathtaking close up as they are on TV and in magazines. Luxury at its finest.



01/10/2017 2:45am

Thanks for sharing these pictures from the 25th anniversary of BCBG Max Azria. These pictures are so great and you have a stunning personality of that event.

05/11/2017 8:26am

Max Azria is a well known designer. I have a few dress from her collection.


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