Charles & Keith held an exclusive media preview of their Spring 2015 Collection at the Oasi, Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa. A stunning venue with the most spectacular view of the Dubai fountains and of course the city's biggest landmark (literally) Burj Khalifa itself. 

On an outdoor terrace, with synthetic grass table tops and walls, a stunning sun set gleamed through the barriers as the show was about to begin. Graceful live piano was played as we watched models walk up on to individual stands to show off the latest of Charles & Keith's creations. Photographers, bloggers, and all persons from the media looked on with instant positive reactions as each model walked off and a new pair of shoes emerged under the rays of the sun.

With fellow Dubai based bloggers Jen and Kate from Paul from and Maryam from


05/28/2015 10:55am

Beautiful collection! The clothes are wearable and looks like every day wear, meaning they are not pretentious like you don't look out of place if you decide to wear them to go shopping or go clubbing or go to the office. There are clothes that don't look practical - I hate those. Why spend precious money on clothes when you can only wear them for specific occasions or specific places? But this collections has really nice clothes and gives readers an idea what fashion trends are in for spring 2015.

03/02/2016 5:03am

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06/04/2016 5:33am

Spring is very adorable season. There are so many festivals which are arranged in this season so that all the people may know about this season.

06/16/2016 10:56pm

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06/19/2016 12:51pm

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05/11/2017 8:01am

We should get together more often. It was a damn good day. The lights was so bright!


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