The hottest new restaurant to open its door to the public is Westin Mina Siyahi's China Grill. An Asian inspired world cuisine. A glam setting with a bar and sofa lounge area with dim lighting perfect for those social night outs with groups of friends, and a beautiful restaurant downstairs with stunning lighting and uplifting vibes. Only in the first week of opening and the place was already buzzing and you could feel the ooze of sophistication from the interior, to the staff and of course the amazing menu. Bringing you dishes that captivate your every sense. A delightful menu with an exquisite mix of ingredients. Every dumpling, gyoza and maki we tried melted in the mouth with a burst of flavour so rich. My favourite of the dishes have to be the King Crab Maki (main picture above) which is a king crab roll with avocado, mosago, caviar and gold leaf and the amazingly presented Dragon, with cornichon, tempura shrimp, king crab, avocado and mango inside. Delicious. I have to add that all the cocktails that i tried were just as good as the food and the most surprising of flavours, a mango and chill combination. Such a perfect balance of sweet and spicy just enough to give that little punch.

Of course with all the food we ordered and tried to finish, we had no room for desert, but when we saw a somewhat spectacular event happening on the table next to us, we were quick to change our minds and order what was a chocolate dome, which would be lit on fire to melt and reveal the ice cream and banana inside. I mean, wow! That is all i could say. The only thing i regret is not having enough space to eat more! What a treat. A must visit.



10/29/2016 10:53am

Westin Mina Siyahi's China Grill is awesome. I read from many people about this place. You are great to share about it. A lot of people love to come here again and again to have this delicious taste.

05/11/2017 7:53am

I'm not a fan of the food like this but my crush is so we gonna try this place. Thanks for reference.


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