First time attending Dubai's Rugby Sevens, it was definitely not what i had in mind. With the weather in Dubai getting cooler over the last few days, i expected a windy day out in the open field, but oh was i wrong. Dressed in all dark colours and a cardigan at hand, i tied it around my waist and put up with the soaring Dubai sun. Crowds of people dressed in all sort of outfits, from their team t-shirts to random costumes which seemed to be a big hit. Such a fun, positive vibe with everyone out to enjoy the day, have a laugh, take numerous selfies with their crazy outfits, and perhaps, maybe, somewhere in between the snacks and drink stations and watching the parades, catch a glimpse of the Rugby matches. Im pretty sure more than half of the people who were there didn't actually know the rules of the game, but it didn't really seem to matter. Thousands of people from backgrounds that covered pretty much every corner of the world, were all gathered in one place for one reason. No, not the rugby, but to just have a fun day out - and it was just that. I spent most of the day helping out at the Gap stand, enjoying the music, customising my own t-shirt and posing for photos at the booth. Im so going back next year, but with a cleverly thought out outfit, and perhaps a revised song and dance to go along with it.



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Yeah! It was a great day. It was nice to meet you. Cheers!


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