The queen of fashion, a true icon, Sarah Jessica Parker's impeccable style on the hit TV series, Sex and The City made quite a stir. However it wasn't just her on screen appearances that made us fall in love with her, but we learned that Miss Jessica Parker's off screen was just as every inch of perfection, from red carpet to running errands, she is a true style inspiration. And this icon was coming to Dubai. There is nothing more i need to say. Okay, i will. So Sarah Jessica Parker headed over to the middle east to launch her SJP Shoe Collection  and with a purchase of one of her beautiful, hand made shoes from either Harvey Nichols or Bloomingdales, you could meet her in person.

So heading over to the Mall of The Emirates, i made sure to get my hands on one of the beauties, to meet SJP herself. And what an honour. She was one of the most sweetest people i have ever met. For a celebrity at her calibre, its not so often you feel so warm and comfortable. She was incredibly genuine and down to earth and very chatty. At first sight she told me, 'Oh my God you are so beautiful!' Dumbfounded, i was in such a shock, i only replied what every single person in the room as thinking, 'YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!' I practically screamed (luckily this exact moment was caught on camera) she further asked me where i was from, and when i replied Iran, she said she thinks that all iranian people are beautiful. We talked about her collection and how difficult it is to find my size because of the popularity of size 36's. She signed my new stunning blue Angelina's and i walked away in awe.



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05/11/2017 7:52am

Oh my gosh, how old is she now? Looks so tired. Poor Jessica.

07/31/2017 9:31pm

Sarah jessica parking is really look beautiful i hope she does cycling.


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