Cali Burger finally opened its UAE branch in Jumeirah 3, with a very Californian vibe. Balloon palm trees stood either side of the entrance and at arrival you were given not one, but three flower garlands which were draped around your neck, on the crown of your head and even around your wrist. Oh so tropical. 

Behind white wooden gates, amazing tasting burgers were served. Now, I'm not the biggest burger fan in the world, in fact i almost never eat one, mainly because i don't really like red meat. With my fingers crossed for a chicken variation, i was surprised as to how good the burger actually tasted. It wasn't fast processed meat, it was actual chicken inside, cooked to perfection. And with the rest of the meat eaters confirmation of how good their burgers were, it is safe to say that if your a burger fan, this is not a place to be missed. Oh and as a given bonus, apart from your expected milkshakes, they even serve cupcakes!!



02/02/2017 2:07am

All the children is eating the fast food. Many people are going the different fast food restaurant for order the different type of dishes just like burger and pizza etc. All the fast food item is the really so good.


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