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This years Sole DXB event was held in the up and coming Dubai Design District (D3). My first time attending this event and i have to say i was quite excited about the way Dubai has not only embraced the Urban Culture but it has started to become a more fashion forward place. A few years back, i could only describe Dubai as a brand led City, where luxury brands dictated ones wardrobe. Fast forward to the Instagram generation where fashion inspirations from around the world are at your fingertips at the quickest possible method of communication, and Dubai has certainly made sure to be a big player in the 'Outfit of the Day' era, with more cash at their disposal compared to your normal town, its just a matter of taste and styling, and at the Sole DXB i can assure you that all the attendees had a pretty strong style game.

Below are photographs i took of the many stands with an amazing rainbow of sneakers, caps and tees. Enjoy! 



11/15/2016 8:52am

All these sneakers are really very nice and specially their colors are amazing. I have just bought a very nice pair of sneakers for myself and I wear it with my jean and top. It looks really cool and I love to wear it because its every time in fashion and it suites on me very much too.


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