Story Rooftop Lounge is located in Dubai Internet City's Holiday Inn Express. A haven for expats, the Peruvian restaurant/bar had a buzzing vibe and unique setting. Almost like you stepped right out of the Middle East and into an European local hangout. The bar was busy, being Christmas period, and there was a Christmas party happening inside the restaurant, which seemed a little more lavishly designed compared to the rest of the venue. Out on the terrace, open air, a bar and a BBQ brunch. What more would you want on a Thursday evening after a long week in the office? The perfect place to unwind and start off your weekend. 

The chef at the BBQ stand was extremely friendly. Preparing a taster of everything at the BBQ display, which i must say was very useful and a great idea. From your usual chicken and lambs on skewers, to steaks and barbecued vegetables. The variety of choice was great. The meat were all cooked perfectly well and the vegetables including the corn on the cob were delicious. It reached my expectation as what you would expect from a BBQ, but it did not exceed them.

Inside was an additional buffet that included breads, salads, main pieces and deserts. From chicken empanadas and spring rolls to tuna tatakis and stuffed peppers, there definitely was a variety of choices. However, the combination of these were not the most successful. The deserts were a lot more appealing, my favourite being the passionfruit cheesecake. 

As an overall review, i really liked the vibe of the place and would certainly recommend friends to go there for a unique experience in Dubai.



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