The VIP opening of 'A New Etoile' in Mall of the Emirates was a true success. The new already existing Etoile Boutique had a very glam renovation. Gold curved walls, wood, and red carpet floors, beautiful red velvet sofa, and oh my, the fitting rooms are to die for! So spacious and so luxurious! All that room to sway the beautiful gowns side to side as you gawk at your own reflection like never before. And of course, the items sold there. I could see myself saving all my life and happily spend all my money there with no regret (well, maybe at first, before the bankruptcy sinks in). Dresses fit for red carpet events, or just to be the chicest person walking through any office or just about anywhere. I adored the accessories there just as much, maybe even more than the dresses. So many gems to chose from i was like a kid in a candy shop, my eyes lighting up as i scanned from Lulu guinness's lipstick and lip clutches, to the middle eastern inspired gold patterned NS by Noof clutches, to all the jewels that  blinded me. Yes all! I want them all. Everything in the store. Browse through the pictures below and you will understand what i mean. Brace yourself.



11/12/2016 9:48pm

I visit your shop for purchasing some cloth and your cloth exactly follow new fashion. Your shop looking very attractive and good. I love your new collection because your all cloth branded and good.

05/11/2017 8:25am

Oh it was only for VIPs. Meh, I wanted to be present. But you always need an invitation.


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