The Fashion Vault recently celebrated their first year anniversary. A  boutique inside Sunset Mall, Jumeirah 3, where they sell the works of local designers, from contemporary style abayas to statement logo caps, from printed t-shirts to funky accessories. Its all part of Dubai's newly embraced street wear culture, where to be different is now applauded, and with local talents being encouraged to bring their own vision to life, its definitely feeding on this idea. And i am loving it! Good job to all the courageous designers who are doing what they believe in and of stores like The Fashion Vault who are giving them that platform to stand on. And of course, with the likes of the biggest local celebrities turning up to such events to encourage the boutique along with the designers, it goes without saying, its such a great helping hand, and I'm proud to be a part of this movement.

With the lovely Mahsa (dressed in one of her own designs)
With the beautiful Mona Kattan
With the Persian stunner, Mariam Rod


09/18/2015 2:27pm

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12/06/2015 9:42am

Thank you for sharing this post with us, I am working in Uma and Leopold as a Fashion Designer. It cannot be helped that many women like to emulate celebrities and their fashion sense. From street sightings to red carpet jaunts, these top female fashion icons of inimitable style and poise have become highly influential for women of all ages.


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05/17/2016 8:00am

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06/17/2016 3:38am

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09/22/2016 9:25am

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You are looking gorgeous in that yellow overcoat. These pictures with beautiful fashionable ladies are stealing the party with their dressing and fashion. You have good dressing sense and know what your body type is and which dress will fit you great.

12/10/2016 5:07am


03/31/2017 2:30am

The best items in our closets are the ones that we can wear in different ways depending on the season. For example, a dress that works bare-legged with wedges in spring/summer, or with a turtleneck underneath and boots in fall/winter.

04/03/2017 1:01am

Whether it's about early spring break, or a vacation on beach in summers, beachwear is an essential clothing item. Beachwear carries different meanings with it- for some, it's comfort, for others it's style and for yet some others, it's just a garment.

05/11/2017 8:18am

Mariam Rod is very popular in Dubai. She has over 500 thousand subscribers on Instagram!


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09/17/2017 5:38am

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