In celebration with Dubai Shopping Festival's 20th anniversary, Giuliana and Bill Rancic travelled to Dubai to launch the G by Giuliana Rancic Collection at a pop up store on The Beach. Giuliana has been such an inspiration to many people around the world. Going public about her fertility issues as well as fighting breast cancer, she has come out on top, a positive, powerful and of course beautiful women inside and out. And it was my greatest pleasure to meet her in person. 

This exclusive preview of the pop up store allowed myself and fellow bloggers not only to meet the power couple, but to hear first hand about the collection from the celebrity designer herself. Having designed the pieces in the shop just for Dubai, she explained how she believes the collection is, 'very casual, affordable, fun and easy to wear fabrics.' From faux leathers to faux suedes, the collection is indeed very affordable. Guiliana also gave myself and two other bloggers an item from her collection (which was an incredibly sweet gesture, I'm still slightly in awe). The faux suede jacket was premiered on HSN (an American shopping channel) and was instantly sold out, selling roughly 10,000 a day. So this item in particular has become a staple in the collection, being brought back in different fabrications - and now; i own one!! (Pictured with the jacket, and Giuliana herself in the main picture above).



This post is display the latest collection of clothes and all the dress is so unique. Sometime ladies is wearing the casual dressing and sometimes wearing the simple dress. All the dress of price is so economical and every lady buys easily.

12/26/2016 9:12am

I love the fashion sense of Giuliana and the way she carried the green seems so refreshing. Unfortunately I missed the annual shopping festival that took place in Dubai this year. I have been seeing the coverage online and it is making me regret the decision of not going.

05/11/2017 8:22am

The last Giuliana collection was like a bomb! It is really crazy and styled.


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