Jergens, the US number one selling brand for moisturisers recently held and event in Mina A'Salam to educate on the brand's history, biology and the new branding and packaging as well as the launch of their new products available here in the Middleeast. A very informative slide show presentation followed by a few words by their new brand ambassador Dr. Seema Tannous.
Myself and Dr Seema Tannous


05/11/2015 4:46am

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06/06/2016 10:44pm

Many people tend to engage in business that offers beauty products and services, why? In this generation, we tend to be more sensitive to our physical appearance, mostly girls. It has already been a necessity for this generation to get a hold in such products and services, just to be more accepted by the public. I'm not saying that this is bad, but then again, I would say that beauty first comes from inside ourself to out. Make ups will not be going to compliment your face, if you are not confident enough with yourself that you are beautiful. Jergens Beauty Secret really is the top one selling brand for moisturizers, thanks to the great results that it offers.

05/26/2015 5:34am

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06/06/2016 6:16pm

A very informative slide show presentation followed by a few words by their new brand ambassador Dr. Seema Tannous.

08/15/2016 1:02am

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08/27/2016 5:54pm

Despite Brazilian and Hollywood waxes becoming among the most commonly-requested treatments in beauty salons these days, there still exists a great deal of confusion about what exactly the treatment involves. This is usually due to a combination of coyness on the part of the salon, and self-conscious clients who are too shy to probe when the information isn't readily supplied to them. Customers can help themselves by choosing salons that clearly take these treatments seriously and are upfront about what they offer, as opposed to those salons that seem to reluctantly offer such treatments, simply because the demand is there.


Beauty, Perception and Everything in Between Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is an oft-used phrase, in discussions of physical aesthetics and arguments as to what makes one woman beautiful and not another.

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01/15/2017 12:00am

It's a very old language that had been written as inscriptions on oracle bones thousands years ago, yet a very modern one using which today's Chinese scientists successfully designed and built their manned spacecrafts!

02/14/2017 11:31pm

I've been trying the products of Jergens and they do look great there. I was a part of this event and I loved the way they portrayed and presented themselves. Dr Seema Tannous is a nice presenter.

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