Market Outside the Box or better known as Market OTB took place in South Ridge Park, where lego like containers where transformed into mini boutiques selling the regions hottest fashion and home accessories. From the hippest and funkiest attire to the most dainty and pretty jewellery to statement accessories. If your tired of the internationally available stores and looking like the norm, this is a haven for you. 

Dubai is becoming a reputable fashion hub and its not going to do it quietly. With colourful street style and 'outfit of the day' posts filling pages of instagram, the pressure is on for the regions fashionistas to show their individual styles; and lets face it, fashion is for everyone but style is what makes you unique, its how you style your outfits that make it stand out or interesting, and those exciting bright and daring key pieces that keep being re-posted over the net across all social media's are what turns heads. And Market OTB caters for just that. If you missed this years, fear not, as its an annual event and will be back with more surprises next year. Look through the photographs below and get inspired by the colours, details and textures of all the beautiful local talent's designs and i hope just by looking at these images you can gain access to your very own creative juices!



09/05/2016 1:28pm

This is really an amazing idea and I like that you take a chance to get here and explore the new fashion trends here in Dubai. People from all around the world comes here for shopping and this is so great to share such article with full of information about it.

05/11/2017 7:42am

What production do you have on this market? It is only about cloth and accessories?


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