A day of falling in love with Inglot. I've never really purchased much from this makeup brand until this day.. this day, i did exactly what it said in the title, i fell in love with Ingot. Taking a tour around the Mall of The Emirate and The Dubai Mall branches, i fell in love with the eyeshadows, the lip colours and pretty much everything in between. I had to go home with some purchases as i couldn't come out empty handed. 

A gathering of GCC's biggest beauty bloggers and haulers, it was great to be under the same roof as makeup junkies and addicts just as myself. Every colour powder, every lip gloss, you could see the twinkle in everyones eyes as we ran around like a bunch of kids in a candy shop! But it didn't end there. Inglot brought in Celebrity Makeup Artist Ambika Pillai that not only went through the launch of the 'Fall in Love' Collection but also demonstrated a whole face routine for a smokey eye look including the ever popular contouring techniques.

With the Beautiful Maryam aka MRMR (www.instagram.com/mrmr___4)
With Kuwaiti Bloggers Maryam and Dalal (www.instagram.com/dalalid)
With Celebrity Makup Artist Ambika Pillai


04/23/2016 6:41am

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Fashionistas and make up aficionados would surely love Inglot cosmetics. This Polish brand has 30 years of intense research and studies to create top of the line products and be one of the leading colour cosmetics in the world. With the aid of scientific technology, Inglot creates each product with high-quality ingredients and sell it at a very reasonable price. Inglot brand is worth every purchase and a nice treat to ladies even to young college students for its affordability.

04/23/2016 8:11am

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08/04/2016 1:44pm

Inglot is a great brand and I heard a lot about its products. It is good to see that youa re in Dubai and having such a great time there by going to different malls and find the stuff of your choice. I come to know that more of the women here love to find these makeup brands the best and this post is a good example of it. Thanks for sharing this detail about your visit to these malls.


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