A huge bustling crowd of the most stylish fashionistas and Dubai's VIP's gathered to celebrate the opening of the world's famous macaron makers, at Dubai's hottest spot of Jumeirah Beach Residence's latest addition: The Beach. This exclusive launch was as imaginable, a fabulous event. A live band played stunning soft music whilst trays of the most beautiful canapés and delicious pastries were served. Live cake decorations took place by one of the talented chef's of the restaurant.  

With views across the sea, sand and under Dubai's roaring sun, Laduree's newest branch is the perfect place to start and end your day. The restaurant is incomparably famous for its desserts however serves a just-as-delicious menu of savoury main dishes.



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03/09/2017 12:50am

Congratulations on the opening! I really think that this store will surely be a hit. I think as well that this one is a prestigious and luxurious french bakery. I would really love to visit such place if I will be given the chance. Thank you for sharing their opening. The public is now aware of the said french bakery.


It is good to see opening of French luxury bakery and i am sure they are going to enjoy too much because of special taste of their sweets and we can see the decoration of that sweet house is really awesome.


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05/19/2016 8:16pm

This is an awesome article.


Amazing! An opening of one amazing place to visit in the Dubai once again. I would want to try and go to this place during my next visit to Dubai, and I would want to try some of those appetizing pastries. The look of that place is amazing, I really would want to spend some time in there and just listen to the great music of that band that I assume really do know their thing or two. The presentation of those appetizing foods is amazing, that it will really just get you hungry just by looking at it. This opening is surely going to be a memorable moment for this group of men here.

10/02/2016 10:42am

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08/05/2017 1:10am

09/15/2017 7:58am

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