Silver Fox is located in Al Wasl Road's latest hub for dining, City Walk. Making a mark in this bustling location, Silver Fox is a fine dining Steak House that has arrived in Dubai after its many years of success in the US. Known for the quality of its produce, the restaurant also serves high grade sea food. Mahogany and marble designed interior, the standards are set high from the very first impressions.

A unique array of drinks, i went for the strangest on the menu, 'Orange Sherbet'. As slight nostalgia took over and flashbacks of my school days with sherbet sticks came to mind, i could only imagine how this would be created into a drink. Moments later i received a martini-esque glass filled with pretty much sherbet ice-cream, tasting exactly like it should, slightly sour and tangy and of course - cold. A little surprised at what i had received, though I'm not quite sure exactly what i was expecting. I had my sherbet 'ice-cream' with a spoon as it was to thick to drink, and i must say i wasn't exactly disappointed but rather confused as why it was in the drinks menu instead of desert. Later as i started my three courses the ice-cream content started to melt and thats when it turned into a drink. I don't regret ordering this 'drink' as it was a different experience however maybe it wasn't the best choice along side my salad and steak.

Next, out came the salad, i ordered the Silver Fox Salad of course. As a green eating obsessed person i absolutely adored this. It was nothing less than perfect. Salad leaves, Cheese, Roasted pecan nuts, sliced apples, just delicious. However the quantity was quite big and me and my tiny appetite would have been satisfied with just that. (Not that i didnt finish it to the end and still craved more!)

For my main, i ordered a Filet Mignon, it was a steakhouse after all. I like mine cooked medium well, (little squeamish if i see blood on my plate) and i don't like fat at all. So here i was facing this big chunk of meat and i must say it was beautiful. You can taste the quality with every bite. Perfectly cooked to my satisfaction, and to make a not so meat eater smile with a steak, is a big deal i'd say! :)

By this point you could only imagine how full i was but i cannot review a restaurant without trying all three courses! So i went for one of my favourite deserts, a Creme Brule. A creamy texture with a touch of lemon zest, it was the perfect dish to end this beautiful evening. 



06/01/2016 10:13am



This menu looks so good and the Silver Fox restaurant looks so amazing with its interior and food. I must try this as I like it the most.

05/11/2017 7:44am

It is pretty good place for business lunch and official meetings. It is quiet expensive but it worth the money.


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