The Diamond Fashion Show by Dhamani was a spectacular event. Hosted in the iconic location of Burj Khalifa. The world's largest building showcased the worlds most expensive fashion show, worth $100 Million, Dhamani showcased they're exquisite collections on models dressed in black velvet dresses. Walking the runway to classic songs, each item caught the light and sparkled to wow the hundreds of VIP guests that had attended this exclusive event. With live performances by a local singer an a three course meal, you wouldn't expect any less from such a venue and of course a brand that represents the epitome of luxury.



06/29/2015 2:13pm

I was at Redmond hotel for this show and it was kinda boring.

07/08/2017 9:43pm

The event was such a blast! I may have never been a part of something like this, but seeing from the pictures above just makes me feel like this is absolutely one of the most classy fashion show to ever exist. The fact that people love meeting the designers behind all of this exquisite collections is really a great way to take advantage of that opportunity. Event organizers should really take note on this one for their future projects to make. Seeing how fun this event is, I think I really need to participate in this one because this is such a one of a kind experience that everyone should really try for at least once in their life.

08/25/2016 6:15am

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09/10/2016 12:02am

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11/02/2016 3:33am

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05/11/2017 7:47am

That was a great show. My thanks to sponsors for inviting me and the late program!

07/28/2017 7:05am

That will tell us how to react properly. Great idea!


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