If there is something i cannot live without, It's my phone. Being a blogger you are literally on your phone 24/7. From taking photos, to updating your social media, replying to emails, scheduling meetings and organising your tasks for everyday. Having no set working hours, you don't ever stop. Its an around the clock job and everything in your day has to be documented, and for this, you need a phone that can not only cater for all your needs but to last you throughout the day, and the Huawei P8 does just that with its incredibly long lasting battery life.

The Huawei P8 has one of the most amazing camera's on a handset. For me, its always a nuisance carrying my huge digital camera everywhere i go, but as taking professional quality photographs is a vital part of my job, its a must. The Huawei is a fantastic alternative to my camera, as its camera quality is so sharp, crisp and the colours are so bright and vivid. Now going to food reviews means i don't need to struggle with a place to put my camera as my phone does the job taking a fraction of the space! It also has a fun Beautifying option on the camera, perfect for your selfies. With a MicroSD Card Slot, i don't have to worry about my memory getting full with all my constant photography. 

When it comes to fashion, its all about the details, and Huawei P8's sleek design is the perfect accessory to any outfit. With its beautiful champagne gold colour, it compliments my accessories making itself a home with all my other essentials. It is undoubtedly a show stopper as its stunning design leaves everyone intrigued. And that, as a fashion blogger, is what i aim for!



11/23/2015 6:31am

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01/23/2017 6:54pm

The body is, indeed, very attractive. Huawei cleverly disguised the already thin screen bezels with black edging, giving the P8 an modern and super clean look from the front. Just glancing at the phone makes you imagine that’s where the Android keys are hidden, but they are on the screen itself. It’s effectively dead space, serving only as a place to grip the device. The P8 is also accompanied by a strong camera, fun features, and a colorful, vibrant screen. The P8 is worthy of your attention. Thanks for posting this article. Have a nice day!

03/03/2017 10:30pm

This phone is exactly what I am looking for. I am actually finding a phone that will suit my qualifications. I bet this one has a good quality camera which is exactly what I want. I will do some more thorough research about this. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this with us. It really helps me in finding what's good for me.

02/07/2016 11:39am

Such a great phone, I'm currently using the 6P and its fantastic for everything. The design is so sleek too.

02/25/2016 12:19am

Huawei P8 Android smartphone. So good this features.

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07/26/2017 1:17am

One of the best smartphones from huawei.


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