All makeup used on this client are from Mac Cosmetics.

A mix of 'NW33' and 'NC20' Studio Fix Liquid
'NC20' Pro Longwear Concealer
'NW43' to contour
Mineralize skin finish natural bronzer in 'Dark'
'Blush Baby' blusher

'Cork' eyeshadow
NC20 concealer to highlight/clean up

'Paintery' pro longwear paint pot as base
'Wedge' on the crease
'Brule' on the tear duct
'Patina' below the eyes

'Pink Nouveau' satin lipstick



07/24/2014 3:17pm

what a Natural Look! just love it!

Sheida Fashionista
07/26/2014 2:13pm

Thank you :) xx

02/16/2017 7:16pm

A lot of times a woman does not want to wear too much makeup especially to the office. Many believe it would be very unprofessional and continue to stick with the safe brown tones. That's okay, but there is a way to wear color and not look too made up. Choose colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as your makeup on the picture, it looks natural. And the best part is, you can wear this makeup not only for summer but for your everyday errands.

02/18/2017 8:08pm

I love this shade. It looks good on my mother. Unfortunately it does not look good on me. Maybe almond and a hint of orange or brown will look better. They say we have two types of skin - orange and pink. I think this set will look good on pink toned people. Nevertheless, I think they are really beautiful. I need to get my mom one of these.

02/16/2016 10:08am

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03/30/2016 7:18pm

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04/21/2016 11:11pm

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04/26/2016 10:41pm

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07/07/2016 3:00am

Wow!!! You look very beautiful after the makeover. Especially I like the lipstick color very much which perfectly suited to your skin. Thank you for posting the makeup products that you have posted in this blog. I am struggling to find the best make up products. After seeing your blog, I am really happy to get this.


You have incredibly changed her looks. She is looking very cute.the shades of lipsticks are fantastic.Thanks for sharing such a nice collection.

08/04/2016 1:31pm

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11/22/2016 9:39pm

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05/07/2017 6:02pm

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08/10/2017 11:31pm

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